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Head Boy

The pessimist complains about the wind,
The optimist expects it to change
The leader adjusts the sails.
I believe if your actions inspire others to dream more, do more and become more, you are a true leader. First of all I express my earnest gratitude to the> Almighty for His benevolence and further to reverent Sr. Gracy M.D, who found me capable of serving the office from the front.
Behind every successful programme lies the manifold effort of our committed faculty. I would like to take a moment to thank the school staff, respected teachers and everyone else for their immense contribution in the development of their council and this institution. Finally it is important that we acknowledge the unconditional love and support given to us by our parents. Where we stand today is the combination of hard work and efforts and we know that we can go further with renewed confidence that you all be there to celebrate our victories.


Head Girl

There is an altruistic place
Where my fancy adolescence
Is being carved into sophistication
It instils in me values
And assists my wisdom to grow
And for all the fruitful years in my life
I owe it to my Alma Mater
Cordial Greeting to all;
Trepidation had owned the better part of me as I waited with bated breath, crossed fingers and receptive ears for the declaration of the result of students Council election.
Its of paramount honour for me to be appointed as the head girl of this prestigious institution which has moulded me in the most incredible ways and taught me many intricate life lessons.
This Citadel of Knowledge prepares each one of us imbibing in us plethora of values, strength and confidence as one walks out of the gate after 14 years with profound grace, ambition and individuality.
I have been bestowed with the responsibility of holding its flag and for this my heart beholds a deep sense of gratitude to my reverent Principal, Sr. Gracy M.D, the Council of teachers, to whom I owe every bit of who I am and my lovely juniors who manifested faith in me and bestowed me with the opportunity to serve in this pivotal position with regard to this institution and its services, I promise to uphold its values with utmost dignity and devotion.
As we forge ahead, I anticipate this academic session to be phenomenal with Sacred Heartians setting new benchmark and attaining the acme of success.