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The congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary, founded by Fr. Peter Joseph Thirst in Belgium,, in 1803,and established in India in Dalhousie in 1901, is missioner to reveal that God is love. The congregation values the Educational Apostolate of helping individuals to discover their dignity as human persons and children of God. To bring about a society based on love, justice and peace is one of the most important expression of this mission. The Endeavour therefore of our education apostolate is to foster the personal growth of the individual: Intellectually competent, morally sound, psychologically whole, imbued with the sense of the Divine, respectful of the environment, committed to the cause of justice, love and peace and ever receptive to the challenges of continued growth. Out educational apostolate therefore aims at creating a human society free from prejudice, superstition and discrimination based on gender, religion, caste and economic status leading to concern for all, especially the under privileged. To implement this vision, the congregation expects the collaboration of a supportive and inspiring management, a dedicated and united staff, concerned parents and valued assistance of the students both past and present, of the neighboring community and government authorities.