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Games Captain Boy

Dear Students, Staff, and Parents,
It is with great honour and excitement that I take on the role of Games Captain here at Sacred Heart School. As a student who has been part of this school community for just one year, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the incredible talent, passion, and sportsmanship that define our school.
Reflecting on my journey here, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities and experiences that have shaped me both academically and personally. From early morning practices on Sunday’s to exhilarating matches and competitions, each moment has contributed to my growth and development.
Now, as the Games Captain of this prestigious institution, I am eager to serve and lead by example, fostering a culture of teamwork, dedication, and excellence among our athletes. I am committed to upholding the values of sportsmanship and fair play that are at the heart of our school's athletic program.
I am incredibly proud to represent our school on and off the field, and I am dedicated to ensuring that every student gets the chance to discover their own passion for sports and physical activities.
Together, let us make this year one filled with achievements, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories. I am excited for the journey ahead and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the rich legacy of athletics at this institution. Let us ignite the spirit of sportsmanship within our school and bring home more victories than ever before.
Here's to a successful and inspiring year ahead!
Warm regards,
Anmol Vashisht
Games Captain

Name :- Anmol Vashisht

Games Captain Girl

It’s with immense pride and gratitude that I , Suhani Sihmar has been appointed as The Games Captain Girls of this ‘prestigious school’ Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School , Sidhpur . As I reflect on my past journey here I feel extremely overwhelmed by the fact that this institute has shaped and moulded me in the best way as an ideal student , sportsperson and as a good human being . I am indebted to my school as it has provided me good education, confidence , values of integrity, intelligence, courage to overcome any challenge and now by the grace of almighty I have got the chance to serve my school , to ensure the smooth functioning of the administration by being consistent leader and fulfilling all the duties assigned to me .
Being a Games Captain is a quite rewarding , exciting and pleasant experience but it also comes with challenges , but I am ready to dedicate myself for these challenges and to overcome them with patience .
At the core of being a Sports Captain lies in the principle of leading by example .I am filled with enthusiasm to set the tone for our school , embodying the values of hard work ,
discipline and perseverance. TO BE A GAMES CAPTAIN is more than just wearing a badge or leading warm – ups before a game , it’s a privilege, a responsibility and a journey of self discovery and for that I am eternally grateful .
“The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude , to be kind not weak , be bold but not a bully , to be thoughtful but not to be lazy , be humble but not to be timid , to be proud but not to be arrogant , to have humour, but without folly”. These words of wisdom by Jim
Rohn have clarified the meaning and aspirations of a true leader and I take this pride to make a difference and to leave a legacy of inspiration, empowerment and positive change.
As I reflect on my role as Games Captain, a myriad of emotions wash over me – pride, responsibility, excitement, and a profound sense of purpose. Stepping into this position is not just an honor; it is a calling, a chance to make a meaningful impact both on and off the field.

Name :- Suhani Sihmar