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All the courses are designed to lead to the Indian School Certificate of Secondary Education Examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi, which will be held at the conclusion of class X and XII.

A place of learning that transcends educational boundaries to ethics and life experiences; the school upholds its standards as one of the best.

The curriculum includes English, which is the medium of instruction, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Studies, General Science, and a third language (Sanskrit), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography Computer Science, Environmental Education and SUPW.

Medical and Non-Medical streams for class XI & XII.

Home work

Parents should encourage their children to do their home work regularly and independently. Private tuition must be discouraged.

How to make Learning Easy Suggestions

  • Take up first the Subject you dislike that most, One you have done that, the rest of your work will be easy.
  • Do not Hesitate to ask your Teacher or your companions lessons you do not grasp clearly. never leave difficulties unanswered as this will put into greater difficulties later.
  • Do not contunue your learning when you are tired, walk round the garden on talk to a friend or have some othe pleasant interruption, but only long enough to refresh you.
  • Get enough exercise and yoga every day, it keeps the mind fresh .

practice meditation.

  • pray often to the all wise and all knowing God to help you make progress in your studies .
  • If memory work is assigned, learn it overnight and repeat it in the morning .
  • Always note down in your diary the work that is assigned for the next day .
  • As you grow up, make a daily time table for yourself, for study, rest,recreation etc. In this way you will learn to be a person of regular habits,a most valuable asset in later life .